The month of May……………

Well, its now been over a month since I have reached this grand age. I have struggled a lot. I can honestly say, that I still hate the number 60. But, I know that life goes on, and, it has. Do you know something? I did not morph into an ogre, or change into an invisible person. I have worked and played, AND, I have survived. So that is not to bad.

But in my heart, which feels heavy at times, I still hate that number 60 grrrrrrr

I spend a lot of time in both my day job, and my part-time job telling every one age is a number, it is irrelevant, that 50 is the new 40. that 60 is the new 50. In my heart I do truly believe what I say to you all. But, at the moment I am struggling with it myself.

But, I am feeling alot more positive.

This month, May, I went to a greek wedding, a great guy who is a friend from the gym. I was worried about going, how to do my make up, my hair, what would I wear etc etc. True, I don’t want to look like an oldie trying to look young, but then I don’t want to look like an oldie either.

The day came, I took a bit of time on the face and hair. I had planned the outfit well form dress, to bag and to shoes. I am pleased to say, I think I scrubbed up well. I had the most wonderful time with my partner Daniel, and two very close girl friends (younger than me! by ten years or more!!!!) whom I adore and love their company so much. We laughed took selfies in the loo, as you do. Danced and a bit of flirting. A great time was had. Do you know what? I think I looked good, I did as I always say, I acted my shoe size! It works every time. I had so much fun and came home feeling like there was going to be a new me again, with a new chapter in my life. Who know what each page will bring either. So now I am excited about that.


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